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Each week will have three key resources which can be found on the "Weekly Guides" pages:

1. Weekly theme video

2. "Practical Guide" Passage

3. Other Weekly Resources

* Read below for more details

(Before beginning the retreat, we STRONGLY suggest going through the Retreat FAQ page)

How to Make the Retreat: Video

For each week, the invitation is to let to let the grace you are praying for become a part of the background of your daily life. We also suggest trying to develop some kind of routine for each day; here are some ideas, perhaps choose one for each part of the day. 

(Don't try to do all of them! Quality is more important than quantity)

Morning: Bring the grace for the week to mind, offer a short prayer to God in your own words or with another prayer, read one of the scripture passages for the week, journal for 5-10 minutes, spent 5-10 minutes in silent prayer, etc.

During the day:  Simply stay conscious of the grace of the week throughout the day by allowing it to interact with the events, conversations, meetings, and challenges of each day. Perhaps carve out some silent time, find some time to read a scripture passage, etc.

Evening:   Spend a few moments reflecting on the day and looking forward to tomorrow using the "Examen" prayer, journal, pray silently, or read a scripture passage, etc.

These are only suggestions. We ask you to discover what works for you on the retreat. What seems to open your heart to hearing God? What are the best times for you to have some time of silent prayer?

Most of all, trust in God. God will not be outdone in generosity.

** Finally, before beginning the retreat, go through Retreat FAQ **

This will have important questions and answers, along with other information to orient you to the retreat.

How to Make the Retreat: How it Works
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