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Lectio Divina

Updated: May 3, 2020

This is a way to pray with the Bible. You take a short text from the Bible (a story from the Gospels, a psalm, or really anything) and take time to pray and reflect on it. It is a way to open yourself to let God speak to you through His word, so that you are not just reading the Bible like any other book. Here is one way to do this. Read through it, and use the steps as you try this prayer the first time. If you feel like changing something, or doing it your own way that feels better, go for it. Follow what is best for you and brings you closer to God.

  1. Choose the passage from the Bible that you wish to read. But make sure that it is not too long. No more than a paragraph or so.

  2. Get into a comfortable position, whether this is sitting down, lying down, or kneeling, whatever is most comfortable for you. Then take a minute or so to simply relax. Focus on your breathing, breathing deeply and slowly.

  3. Then read through the passage slowly. Pay attention to any word or phrase that really hits you. Something that may feel like exactly what you needed to hear, or moves you emotionally. Don’t force it, just listen.

  4. Once you have this word or phrase, repeat it slowly to yourself and memorize it. Let the phrase speak to you, for example in a particular struggle you are going through, something you are hoping for, or some other part of your life. Maybe some memories will come up. Don’t worry about being distracted, just return to the phrase if your thoughts start wandering.

  5. Then, speak to God. Speak to Him honestly, as you would speak to your best friend. You can be open with him. Even imagine him sitting next to you if that is helpful. He wants to hear you and be with you.

  6. Finally, take time to simply be quiet and listen. Pay attention to anything that gives you peace, contentment, joy, faith, hope, or love, and hold on to that. God gives us these good gifts.

  7. End with a short prayer and thank God for his gifts.


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