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Review of Prayer

A review of prayer is a brief moment of reflection that takes place after any prayer exercise. A review of prayer focuses more on what happens during a prayer period rather than any ideas or conclusions you have at the end of a prayer period. In other words, a review of prayer asks what was going on in your heart during your prayer rather than your outlook at the end of prayer. Reviewing internal movements after prayer allows you to be present to the moment during your prayer.

Some helpful questions to guide your review of prayer:

  • What happened inside me during the period of prayer?

  • How did I feel about what went on during my prayer?

  • What was my mood? How did my mood change? What feelings flowed through me as I prayed?

  • What thoughts came through my mind? Where were my thoughts going?

  • How were God and I present or absent to each other?

  • What grace was I seeking? Did I receive that grace?

  • Is there some point I should return to in my next prayer exercise?

Practical Suggestions for a review of prayer:

  • Make short notes on an index card of what happened during your prayer;

  • Note the grace you were seeking at the top of your index card;

  • Make note of what reading or meditation you were praying with and where you were praying;

  • Try to be as accurate as possible in describing your feelings and movements.

A review of prayer is not a homework assignment nor is it a continuation of your prayer. Use the review of prayer insofar as it helps you understand more deeply what happens in your prayer.


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